Saturday, 7 May 2011

Experimenting with Ribbon

These are experiments based on Nicola's initial ideas when collecting the first lot of materials:

And compositional experiments with lengths of ribbon,silver chain and paper clips:

Both ideas combined:

I like the simplicity of these samples and the idea that each piece can be added to/have sections taken away. The pink ribbon allows for me to experiment with the softer spectrum of our materials and achieve a pretty and wearable outcome. I actually really like the silver against the pink. Being cleaner and reflective, it is a nice contrast against the grittier rusted pieces, whilst still sitting well within our collection. Although I will make similiar pieces to rust too.

1 comment:

  1. First of all I want to give you a link to Nicolas Cheng's work - the use of everyday materials and deteriorating pieces instantly made me think of Re-worked. Check it out here:

    Secondly I love the ribbon with the hook & eyes - it looks like a random scrap rather than a constructed piece. I like that, if we were to use this in a final piece, then many pieces could be linked together randomly.

    I also really love the concertina ribbon - that has really intrigued me - it could maybe be used alongside the safety pin chains?

    I'm not so excited by my initial idea of the ribbon supporting the safety chains. I actually think they're stronger piled together rather than added too.