Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Golden Collar

Sewing done. Now to rust. I hope also to print onto silk with this collar.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Finding Relationships

A sister -or brother?!- piece of this ( I imagine?), wine glass bottom cover was seen in the previous post. Another rather distinctive item, I have been playing today with other relative materials, concentrating on contrasting textures and emulative form. Combining other circular pieces with this and trying to build upon the 'case'-like quality of the cover, I am still, as yet, unsure of where to move forward with this. These came as a set of four so there is plenty of scope to experiment.

Unexpected Bouts of Rust

In the Re-worked spirit, these items have taken it upon themselves to adopt some organic rusty prints. I use the word 'prints' loosely, as these are clearly only marks where the fabric has come into contact with some of my other rusted - and now dry- experiments. Still, I find them interesting additions to our project. Spontaneous little marvels.

Pin Soldiers

As with our 'found' rusties, I find these pin oddities very inspiring... They are precious individuals in a packet of hundreds of other pins. I like them lined up as a little family like this.

A Little Butterfly Bow

Today I am working my way through a back log of materials that Nicola has sent to me. I found this pretty and forgotten (?!) lace bow. I think, again, it is one of those items that should remain whole. Having come with (and I assume, having always had), this small gold safety pin attached, I don't like to part the pair, so they will stay and weather the elements on the other side of my window, together. The pin is not necessary in holding the bow in place and so I consider it to be an interesting relationship. I wonder how they will affect one another when undergoing 'change' in the same conditions.

Another Collar, in a Similar Vein

In considering with what next to 'affect' the other collars Nicola had sent me, I trawled through other bits and pieces that Nicola has sent over the course of the past few months and found these gold jump links below. I think that working with gold coloured fastenings/fasteners recently (as in the pink basque), has taken with me and I began stitching them onto the collar below. I think that it will make a lovely partner to the pearly collar once rusted up. I would like to source more of these rings for future experiments as (dependant on their ability to rust well), I believe there could be great scope to create large lace-like pattern repeats that could be printed onto soft silks. These could be beautiful organic echos of much of the found lace items we have used throughout Re-worked project.

Monday, 9 January 2012


I am delighted to see the array of items Sara has included in her final parcel for me. It is also a nice feeling to finally complete the swapping stage of Re-worked and get onto the final designs and experiments. 

Leather Lace Gloves/Soft Leather Long Gloves/Brown Punctured Suede Gloves.

These are by far my favourite items in the parcel as I think they lend themselves perfectly to Re-worked as a starting point, or canvas, for the destructive processes we have been experimenting with. I love the vintage leather combined with lace - there's a definite soft/tough clash that has been identified so many times with items in Re-worked: something I have loved with Re-worked is natural themes occurring rather than being forced. The differing lengths obviously lend themselves to different looks when worn and then there's the idea that they don't necessarily have to be worn conventionally as gloves. As Sara said the brown gloves are obviously unique with their colour which is something I think I would like to keep or perhaps highlight. I see a lot of possibilities and potential with these items.

The silk and twine, and even the found objects are all quite staple pieces of Re-worked but as the project goes on there are always more uses popping up for each item. The found objects are always fun as they are unique, meaning the results of experimentation always differ. 

The studs are very exciting as they are something I am really interested in outside of the project and see them exactly as they are: perfect embellishments. Left alone, branded, rusted and perhaps combined with the likes of the other repeat item of the felt circles. I would like to see some really heavy, growth-like embellishment with these.

The buttons and paper clips are interesting too. I would like to see the paperclips used to play with building structures, layered together. As Sara mentioned, the buttons lend themselves to branding well but, like the found objects, buttons are usually quite unique so the material of the button, shape and pattern will affect the outcome. 

The collar and bodice will, like the gloves, provide excellent canvasses for play. I love that the collar is a sort of combination between the soft vintage collars we have used before and the structured men's collars I gave to Sara. On seeing the beautiful results of Sara's play with the pink bodice and the gold coloured pins, I know the bodice will become beautiful too. There is so much possibilities I'm still unsure of which direction I will go with the bodice. It looks like a jumble of different materials at the moment so perhaps using a rusty wash to bring out certain layers before embellishing will be very effective.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Pink Basque

The pink basque and the pins both are from Nicola's final parcel to me. I have worked with the basque as a whole garment leaving it's actual form and structure untouched but thought it might be fun to play around with ideas of wearability, comfort and contact. These gold pins are very fragile and pliable to touch but when layered and lined up they become collectively strong and sharp. Immediately upon touching the basque, I am vulnerable to (mild!) pain which is thought provoking when considering our Re-worked aim of communicating preciousness in materials - making my own experience with this garment vulnerable inspires further awareness.
Aesthetically, I love the combination of the gold and baby pink and I like that the pins target only the elastic. This was partly because, already perforated, I was able to pass the pins through the material easily, the form of the pins unaffected but also because I felt it important to embellish only certain panels or sections of the basque.
The basque is a 'statement' piece, even without embellishment, reminding me of Madonna circa 80's and more recently, Lady Gaga.