Sunday, 15 January 2012

Another Collar, in a Similar Vein

In considering with what next to 'affect' the other collars Nicola had sent me, I trawled through other bits and pieces that Nicola has sent over the course of the past few months and found these gold jump links below. I think that working with gold coloured fastenings/fasteners recently (as in the pink basque), has taken with me and I began stitching them onto the collar below. I think that it will make a lovely partner to the pearly collar once rusted up. I would like to source more of these rings for future experiments as (dependant on their ability to rust well), I believe there could be great scope to create large lace-like pattern repeats that could be printed onto soft silks. These could be beautiful organic echos of much of the found lace items we have used throughout Re-worked project.

1 comment:

  1. This looks really effective! A lovely mix of soft and tough! I really like the idea of them being arranged in patterns as well as in the rigid lines. I also agree with the gold being a nice touch in the project - the pins in the basque look great.