Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Pink Basque

The pink basque and the pins both are from Nicola's final parcel to me. I have worked with the basque as a whole garment leaving it's actual form and structure untouched but thought it might be fun to play around with ideas of wearability, comfort and contact. These gold pins are very fragile and pliable to touch but when layered and lined up they become collectively strong and sharp. Immediately upon touching the basque, I am vulnerable to (mild!) pain which is thought provoking when considering our Re-worked aim of communicating preciousness in materials - making my own experience with this garment vulnerable inspires further awareness.
Aesthetically, I love the combination of the gold and baby pink and I like that the pins target only the elastic. This was partly because, already perforated, I was able to pass the pins through the material easily, the form of the pins unaffected but also because I felt it important to embellish only certain panels or sections of the basque.
The basque is a 'statement' piece, even without embellishment, reminding me of Madonna circa 80's and more recently, Lady Gaga.

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