Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Final Idea 2

This piece is, again, a customised basic top featuring panels of light fabric. I will have to consult with Sara on which fabric would be best as I had pictured some sort of chiffon but I don't know if that would be too light to be branded without completely falling apart. Possibly it will have a mix of current top/vintage material or vice versa. I like the idea of this being a very floaty, feminine piece with very obvious burns/stains standing out. I wanted to do a graduated pattern mixing two techniques I've blogged previously; small rusted pin holes and then larger branded circles using pearl wire at the bottom. I chose these two techniques as I was particularly pleased with their results. Again, I will have to consult with Sara about how best to apply the panels to the top or if we would have to reconsider the shape of the panels.

A close up of the panels graduated pattern.

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