Thursday, 14 February 2013

Final Ideas Sketch

One of my final piece ideas which consists of a dark top of some description - whether vintage or contemporary is yet to be seen - which would feature collars or clusters of cross stitch loops pulling the fabric tight to highlight marks made with bleach. The patterns could run across the top of the item of clothing and be highlighted by the loops or the mark making could only be applied to the pulled fabric. I like the idea of attaching the cross stitch hoops using vintage or unusually coloured threads to pick up the variety of colours the bleaching will create. I'm not yet decided on the type of clothing yet as I'm hoping that we shall stumble across a beautiful unusual item that will be instantly recognisable as the right one to use - as seems to have happened previously with Re-worked. This design could be reversed in that the top could be light with the application of colour, but the idea of the bleach stripping the fabric as a destructive tool really appeals to the project.

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