Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Thoughts at the Outset...

With this being the offical beginning of our collaboration, we thought it apt to explain what our hopes and motivations were for this project. Having not discussed what one another were to post, (though we are well aware of common interests that are the basis of 'Re-Worked' - mark making, vintage materials), Nicola's take made for interesting reading. While she states that the chance to print organically and to employ a more 'destructive' approach within her work, I am keen to achieve an element of control. Although having common techniques in our final year projects at Duncan of Jordanstone - both having a rather more conceptual approach in exploring our chosen themes through laser cutting, the use of aged fabrics and trimmings, metals and the relationship between these, when affected, with the practicalities of being worn/used - it would seem that we admire one another's polar opposite (!) approach.
I am very much keen to inherit a little of Nicola's delicacy and consideration instead of being lead almost entirely by the natural will of our chosen materials. My personal work begins by inducing an organic reaction between fabric and metal and then borrowing elements of the found aesthetics or textures as base for my designs. I look forward to learning more about metalwork from Nicola - how to achieve the best from each in order to push my undertsanding of these reactions and to step outwith my usual working methods.
In broader terms, I feel, like Nicola, that it is important to encourage interdisciplinary experimentation and not allow your work to be defined entirely by the traditional working methods or techniques associated with your craft - I find myself to be inspired most by art that at first glance I do not understand or cannot conceive of the processes in which it has been made and find that unravelling the 'how to' encourages me most to push myself creatively.
'Re-Worked' seems the perfect solution in my hope of pushing further techniques from my degree show project and refining them by honing the skills of a (rather talented!) peer.

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