Thursday, 10 March 2011

Initial Experiments #2

Handkerchief with tacs

Handkerchief "dyed" after tacs have rusted.

Close up of rusted tacs "dyeing" handkerchief material

Here are some experiments with tacs and handkerchiefs. I used a lot of tacs and the handkerchief is quite large so that gave me a good area to experiment on and see the results clearly. Again, this is tacked up outside, exposed to the elements and regular vinegar sprays from myself. I love the watery dye effect which suprised me as I was expecting harsher results. When I think of Re-worked, I imagine quite a "tough" collection with a distinctly "urban" feel so this soft feel may have to be explored further to see if it can be expanded on or discarded. It was again just nice to see a different process. It has made me think of the items used to create the organic prints (tacs and safety pins etc) as the jeweller in me sees them as items that could be used decoratively rather than a means to dyeing fabric. Again a concept to either work on or discard. 

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