Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Personal Brief

To begin this project myself & Sara wanted to take time to state what we wanted to achieve personally from Re-worked. Re-worked came about after the realisation that both our final year projects at university had used vintage materials in different ways and that, while I had experimented with textiles and textile techniques (e.g. flocking) which involved trips to the textile department, Sara had used the process of rusting on non-precious metals which led her to the jewellery workshop. Both of us had only begun to scratch the surface of each others specialism and felt that, by using each others knowledge to create and experiment (a luxury that was not possible in our final year), we could personally grow and develop while creating new work. For me Re-worked is especially exciting for two aspects: "organic print" and "destructive processes". I find the process of making jewellery very frustrating and demanding and feel I am constantly battling with small delicate objects, fighting them into place and labouring to get them to a gleaming end product. With that in mind "destructive processes" appeals to me for the relief of freely burning, rusting, and generally destroying(!), processes that never occur in my personal work. I love the idea of having the time and, with great gratitude, the funding to play with new ideas and knowledge and just have fun with the design process. By documenting the process through the blog we are stepping back from sketchbooks and allowing for outside critiques and quick discussion between ourselves as living in different cities makes it harder to be up-to-date with each others thought process. I like to think the idea of working this way is quite unique and we will hopefully produce like-wise results. The idea of "organic print" just fascinates me as there are so many possibilities. The idea of creating marks was, again, something I briefly touched upon in my final year project so I am looking forward to expanding on this concept with more knowledge of textile processes. Hopefully Re-worked will provide me with a good general knowledge of working with textiles, build on my confidence and expertise with metals by teaching Sara what I know, produce a fantastic collection that showcases the power of collaborations, inspires others to experiment in other disciplines and allows me to personally grow and develop through the experience.

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