Friday, 25 March 2011


Another technique I wanted to try out, before myself & Sara swap materials, was burning or "branding" using metal. I initially tried to brand the material using a safety pin but the result wasn't very effective as only a small proportion of the pin touched the handkerchief. I then decided to use small silver pearl-wire rings that I use a lot in my personal work and was delighted with the result. I like that there are different patterns depending on how hot the ring gets and that it leaves such a decorative pattern. I definitely want to push this further and see what other materials I can use and to what effect.

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  1. I love the immediacy of this method of printing and the fact that it is permanent in it's haste. My experience of printing by way of burning or singeing fabrics has largely been with the use of computer programmes and laser cutters and so always a rather lengthy process. Saying that, there is nothing flippant or nonchalant about this branding technique - the placement of the brand, and like Nicola says, the moderation of temperature, are very important with the desired outcome in mind. I love how dark and smokey these brands are - a refreshing change for myself from the usual orange tones of rust!