Saturday, 11 June 2011

Powder Puffs - Post Rusting

As expected, these have been well dyed whilst rusitng despite my vigillance with exposure to oxygen being unpredictable in the continuation of the process. Again, I find these interesting as objects but am unsure as to how these would fit in with our final collection - perhaps not sophisticated enough an outcome. The sample in the bottom image rather reminds me of a mushroom! In the flesh, it's texture is pleasing - the embossing effect having been successful. I had planned to remove the staples but seeing the samples as they are now, I fear that removing them would leave them a bit lack luster - the embedded metal adds interest to the softness of the puffs.  

1 comment:

  1. I do like these samples as objects - I was thinking more resembling a pineapple slice!! - and think they may work well grouped together in groups - similar to my "growth" like butterfly clips? Again maybe different degrees of deterioration? Also I notice that in the top & middle images, the pearl wire ring still appears to be silver? Does it take longer to rust? I like that it shines out from the wreckage!!