Thursday, 28 April 2011

Some Rusty Characters

This is really an intermediary post before I post some actual samples over the weekend. For the moment, here's how some of the pieces Nicola has sent me are coming along;

Pearl Wire Rings - these have, for the most part, gone through the pinkier spectrum of rusting but also, somewhere along the way, blue! Very unexpected. Must investigate.

Suspender Clasps and Hook - I love the emerging edges where you can see the vulnerable metal beneath. And below, a trio of rusty friends whom I found on my walk to and from work today. I like the idea of including found weather-worn items in our experiments and not solely items that we have set about to deliberately rust/affect.

1 comment:

  1. There always seems to be rusty objects lying on the ground! I found a dog chain recently! Definitely keep them for future use! I love the big clip - I love the idea of clipping fabric randomly together - rusting the clips - then seeing how the rusty pattern has spread when released.