Saturday, 9 April 2011

Initial Doodles etc.

Most of the items from Nicola that I am attempting to rust/affect at the moment have been plated in some form, so there are no big changes to be seen as yet - my vinegar solutions and concoctions are still working away! So in the mean time I wanted to post a couple of sketches to indicate what I'm aiming for in my experiments with repetition...

 I think that the larger hooks and eyes will produce some really lovely rusted prints - different compositions will work well as stand alone images or as long lines of emulative chains. I think I will begin with silks and glazed cottons.

A few rubbings to give an intial impression of how the imagery should appear. And below, a print made from rusted paper clips on parchment. The paper clips rust fairly easily and immediately came to mind when I began to consider the idea of creating links and chains - they're proving useful in these early stages. Hopefully, I'll be able to make more of this ilk when the pearl wire rings and brace clasps have succumbed to the rust!

And again, further paper clip experiments. I like the different grades of rustiness on each - all are entirely individual. Can't wait to get going with the rest of our materials!


  1. I love the rubbings used to play around with composition - do you think it would be possible to create a rubbing with rust instead of lead? That would be very interesting if it was possible. Again I love all the photos - it really gets me motivated seeing what you've been up to & I like getting a first glimpse of your sketchbook.

  2. I like the idea of the rusty rubbings (!) so will give this a go asap with some of the rustier pieces that I'm playing with just now. Think that our pieces that have been coated (zinc etc) will most probably shed any surface rust and be pretty clean underneath. This might actually be really interesting to expolre further. Got a couple of photos to post up when I get home from work of the suspender clasps etc - they're finally succumbing to the rust and the pearl wire's gone a rather interesting colour! Giving us great scope to play :) Very excited for this weekend - plenty of time off to experiment!