Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Chain Samples & Wire Mesh

This is the results of the handkerchief and paper clip chains after a period of time rusting. The photo actually doesn't show the orange tones very well - there is a lot more discolouring than is obvious in the picture. I like the results but I don't think the single chain is very effective. I like the volume produced by the small scraps of fabric and the different shades caused by the different degree of deterioration / rust on each safety pin and I think that the way to get the best result is to have a lot of chains together - perhaps all gathered together draping down maybe showing the different shades (unaffected, slightly rusted, extremely deteriorating.).

I spoke before about acting out ideas that arise from first viewing the items of Sara's parcels and this photo shows a quick experiment with one of the natural fabrics I was sent. The open weave of the fabric reminded me of mesh and I wanted to try weaving wire through the fabric to see if there would be any interesting results. I used silver as I happened to have lots of silver round wire at hand but it might be interesting to use different types of metal wire. I like the idea of silver woven through though as, again, there's a play on preciousness. The wire makes the fabric very malleable so there could be some great opportunities for shaping fabric into some interesting results. I also want to try some different destructive processes on the fabric to see changes in colour and if that will affect the strength or the ability to shape the fabric.

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  1. I love this post! The safety pin chain has worked so well and think that the prospect of a heavier, layered up version could be really interesting and fall into the 'toughness' category that you've spoken about before. Like the idea of it being weighty. And the idea of toughening up the scrim with the wire is superb - I think that alot of our materials so far have been so strong in terms of imagery in themselves that it will be nice to have a freer reign to create our own structures from this. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!!! You're far more practical in your approach to working, it's encouraging me to take charge of materials in the first instance instead of being led by them.